Aug 19th

Con: Online learning turns college into assembly line

Con: Online learning turns college into assembly line
News from The Seattle Times:

THE brave, not-so-new world of online higher education, so breathlessly advancing via Coursera and other so-called content providers, is being heralded as a game-changer for higher education. The University of Washington recently said it would start offering free online courses through Coursera, a startup led by two Stanford professors.

Commodified, one-size-fits-all education is indeed a solution to many problems, including crushingly high tuition, college selectivity, state budget problems and the mania for credentialing. Unfortunately, it is not a solution to the major problem facing America today: teaching people how to think for themselves.

It also is a one-way ticket to undermining one of America’s universally admired crown jewels: research universities. Online degree and certificate programs are the right answer to the wrong questions, and could end up killing America’s research engine, the goose that laid the golden eggs.

Stand-alone, self-paced, peer-graded online courses are epistemologically naive insofar as they assume that learning is a noun but never a verb — that knowledge arrives pre-measured and pre-cut, and isn’t construed or constructed by an actual, unique person, aka a student. It turns education into an instrumentalist assembly line rather than a customized, highly personal developmental process, composed of equal parts of pr…………… continues on The Seattle Times

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