Dec 30th

Online education: A sports scandal waiting to happen

Online education: A sports scandal waiting to happen
News from azcentral:

Charles B. Corbin, Ph.D., Special for azcentral sports 9:28 a.m. MST December 5, 2014


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Online Learning Holds Promise, Challenges for Low-Income Students
News from U.S. News & World Report:

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Dec 29th

SFBRHS Implements New eLearning Days — Teachers Can Now Post Lessons …

SFBRHS Implements New eLearning Days — Teachers Can Now Post Lessons …
News from The Missourian:

Snow days at St. Francis Borgia Regional High School this winter will no longer be a goof-off day for students.

The Catholic co-ed high school is implementing a new “eLearning Day” policy which allows teachers to post lessons online and students to continue their learning at home.

“With our 1 to 1 technology in place, we felt it was time to take this next step,” said Principal Dr. Kevin Mabie. “Our teachers have worked to design potential lessons for these eLearning Days.”

Borgia High is an all-iPad school, meaning all students and teachers are required to use iPads.

Mabie said the new policy doesn’t mean he will be quicker to call off school in the event of bad weather, but it does provide a great alternative when road conditions are too bad for students to get to school.

“We will use the same sound decision making process we always have when it comes to snow days,” he said.

The eLearning Days will count as regular school days which will be a big help in keeping the school calendar intact if there is a lot of snow and ice this winter, Mabie said.

Last year, Borgia High had so many snow days that its already short spring break was cut even shorter and students were in class on other holidays.

Parameters in Place

Mabie str…………… continues on The Missourian

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E-Learning Software Tops Educator Shopping List
News from T.H.E. Journal:


E-Learning Software Tops Educator Shopping List

When it comes to choosing what technology will be added to schools, e-learning and classroom management top the list. While half of schools already use e-learning software and online homework portals, another 29 percent expect to add or update that in their classroom arsenals. The story is similar for classroom management software. Half of classrooms have it; and 19 percent expect to get it or upgrade what’s in place.

Game-based learning and mobile apps for learning have found homes in four of 10 classrooms, with another three in 10 predicting that they’ll be bolstering mobile app usage for learning and two in 10 intending to build up the use of gaming in their classrooms.

CompTIA’s recent report, “The Changing Classroom: Perspec…………… continues on T.H.E. Journal

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Dec 23rd

The online education craze

The online education craze
News from hays Post:

John Richard Schrock is a professor at Emporia State University.

Earlier this year, the Los Angeles Times reported a presentation by Janet Napolitano, President of the University of California system, with the headline “UC’s Napolitano throws cold water on the online education craze.” While the shortcomings of these modern correspondence courses are apparent to most veteran teachers and professors, this was the first time that a major university leader has dared proclaim that the digital emperor has no clothes. And Napolitano detailed her objections.

According to the LA Times, in front of an audience of 500, she proclaimed” “It’s not a silver bullet, the way it was originally portrayed to be. It’s a lot harder than it looks, and by the way if you do it right it doesn’t save all that much money, because you still have to have an opportunity for students to interact with either a teaching assistant or an assistant professor or a professor at some level.”

Napolitano challenged the assertion that online courses might serve students needing remedial math or English: “I think that’s false; those students…………… continues on hays Post

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Baker selects familiar face for education secretary
News from Lowell Sun:


Sun staff photos can be ordered by visiting our SmugMug site.

BOSTON — Staking out ground ahead of his expected push to allow more charter schools in Massachusetts, Governor-elect Charlie Baker on Tuesday named a charter proponent and former Pioneer institute official as state education secretary.

James Peyser, a former education adviser to past governors, has served as the executive director of Baker’s transition team while on leave from his job as managing director at the nonprofit NewSchools Venture Fund.

“I am proud to have Jim join our bipartisan team of experienced professionals,” Baker said in a statement. “I saw firsthand Jim’s experience and leadership improving public education throughout his career and during our time together on the state Board of Education. I look forward to…………… continues on Lowell Sun

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Dec 22nd

Southwest Minnesota school to test “virtual snow day” plan involving online …

Southwest Minnesota school to test “virtual snow day” plan involving online …
News from Grand Forks Herald:

However, snow days may be a thing of the past in the southwest Minnesota town of Windom, and in other schools across the state, too.

The school district will be performing a test run next week that it’s calling “virtual snow days.” While the school board has only approved one virtual snow day to be used, the technology is already being implemented by other schools throughout the state.

“We’ll be doing a test run on Monday,” said Jake Tietje, Windom’s middle and high school principal. “During that time, the students will be in school, but they’ll just do a walk-through of what a virtual snow day would look like. It’ll also give us a chance to work out any kinks in the program.”

The first virtual snow day will be implemented some time after Jan. 5, when the new semester starts.

Tietje explained that plenty of research and planning took place in establishing the virtual snow day program.

“We did our research right from the start and a handful of schools in Minnesota have attempted this, but the one we looked at was St. Cloud Cathedral,” Tietje said. “They have a one-to-one technology like ours, and so we modeled our virtual snow day off of that.”

The technology is used on iPads for grades 4-12. There is a slightly different setup for students in grades K-3.

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Dec 20th

Shelby County Officials Push For E-Learning On Snow Days

Shelby County Officials Push For E-Learning On Snow Days
News from Indiana Public Media:

Photo: Kyle Stokes/StateImpact Indiana

In order to make the virtual learning effective, each teacher has to have online office hours and is required to have a Google Drive website with lesson plans available.

Officials with the Northwestern Consolidated Schools of Shelby County say teachers should still teach their students online when traditional school days are canceled because of snow.

The district filled out an application for e-learning with the Department of Education, and has spent the last few months preparing teachers and students for the possible program.

Triton Central Middle School teacher Sara Marshall practiced an online writing lesson at school.

“I go through, I look what they’ve done, they respond back to me if I give them a suggestion, ‘Hey, don’t forget you need to u…………… continues on Indiana Public Media

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Some schools to avoid snow days through e-learning
News from Indianapolis Star:

Kristine Guerra, 8:48 p.m. EST November 28, 2014


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Dec 17th

Snow days melting away in many Indiana schools with eLearning

Snow days melting away in many Indiana schools with eLearning
News from WSBT-TV:


One of the best parts of winter could be melting away for many Indiana students as advances in technology make snow days rarer than an igloo in July.

The state Department of Education has granted 37 public school districts and 13 private schools permission to hold online learning days in cases of inclement weather this school year. Supporters say the practice will ensure students don’t miss critical instructional time ahead of the high-stakes spring ISTEP+ test and will help districts avoid extending the school year to make up missed days.

“When we add days at the end of the year, that’s past the time our students have taken the assessments by which we’re measured,” said East Allen Community Schools Superintendent Ken Folks, whose district of about 9,100 students missed 14 days due to weather last year. “To be able to capture instructional time prior to those assessments is key to us.”

But the move to replace face-to-face lessons with virtual instruction has sparked concern from members of the State Board of Education.

Board member Brad Oliver said he thinks the virtual option is worth exploring but wants assurances from the Department of Education about how attendance and instruction will be monitored. He also thinks lawmakers should define what constitutes an instructional day in a vi…………… continues on WSBT-TV

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How e-learning can affect the future of the dental hygiene profession: Part 2
News from Dentistry IQ:

Read Part 1 of the e-learning article here.  

How are we preparing the future generation of dental hygienists to meet current trends in health care and dental hygiene? Is the traditional curriculum model as seen in Part 1 in line with preparing dental hygienists to explore unique career settings and independent or collaborative practice models? What tools are we providing in the curriculum to prepare students to be more business savvy, and more knowledgeable about alternatives to the traditional clinical settings?

The health care arena is moving toward a new era of group type practices, mobile businesses that reach out to underserved populations, and more opportunities in public health and private health care-related companies. We want the public to perceive us as more than just professionals who take care of teeth. But are we doing enough to equip existing and future dental hygienists with the necessary tools to be perceived as more than “teeth cleaners”? 


So how can we ke…………… continues on Dentistry IQ

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Distance Education: A Systems View of Online Learning (What’s New in Education)
The most comprehensive and authoritative book on the subject, DISTANCE EDUCATION, Third Edition, emphasizes a systems approach to …

The Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Designing and Teaching Online Courses (0)
”A rare book in education: one that is not only highly useful but also intellectually coherent and based on robust, transferable …

Dec 14th

Khan Academy founder has two big ideas for overhauling higher education in …

Khan Academy founder has two big ideas for overhauling higher education in …
News from VentureBeat:

Soft-spoken education revolutionary Sal Khan has a few ideas for how to radically overhaul higher education. First, create a universal degree that’s comparable to a Stanford degree, and second, transform the college transcript into a portfolio of things that students have actually created.

Khan is the founder, executive director, and faculty member at the Khan Academy, an online education provider.

Speaking at the Atlantic’s Navigate tech conference, Khan said that the online education providers and independent technology “boot camp” schools will end up playing an important role in pressuring legacy universities to change their outdated ways.

“I feel like society is ripe for challenging the model of school” he told The Atlantic’s editor, James Bennett, earlier this week.


“The credentialing piece is somewhat broken now,” Khan said. “A very small fraction of the population has the opportunity to attend a university that is broadly known.”

To that end, Khan said that he is working on a universal credentialing system that could compare…………… continues on VentureBeat

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Gov. Inslee to announce education plans in online town hall
News from KHQ Right Now:

Gov. Inslee will announce details of his education plan Monday.

OLYMPIA, Wash. –

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee is hosting a statewide online town hall meeting Monday to talk details of his education plan.

Gov. Inslee’s plan wants to make significant investments in public school funding and reducing early-grade class sizes. It will also include investments in early learning, higher education and efforts to increase graduation rates.

Four schools including Spokane’s Rogers High School will host the online conversation. Other schools participating are Newport High School in Bellevue, Columbia Basin Technical Skills Center in Moses Lake and Jason Lee Middle School in Tacoma.

The town hall will also include a moderated Q&A with educators, parents and students

…………… continues on KHQ Right Now
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Online Education For Dummies
From admission to graduation-your personal guide to studying online Online Education For Dummies explains the ins and outs of att…

MOOC U: Who Is Getting the Most Out of Online Education and Why
MOOC U. explainswhy you should sign up for massive open online course (MOOC) and howyou can get the greatest benefit from the c…

Dec 14th

Live Training vs eLearning: A Comparison

Live Training vs eLearning: A Comparison
News from Business 2 Community:

“How much material can be covered in an eLearning module?”

We’re asked this question a lot. Many clients come to us with existing live training they’re considering converting to eLearning and need to understand how that would work.

Folks are often amazed at the time savings you get from doing a training in an on-demand format. It’s a fraction of the time it takes to do a live training, but the question is, what is that number?

We’ve found a simple formula you can use to estimate live-training-to-eLearning conversions. Here it is:

? day of live training = 20 minutes of eLearning

Wondering how that’s possible? Here’s how are we able to compress four hours down to twenty minutes:

Recommended for YouWebcast: The Key Social Media Trends for 2015

  • Eliminate distractions, allowing learners to view training where and when they are ready. They aren’t forced into it when they’d rather be doing somet…………… continues on Business 2 Community

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Argylls practice eLearning
News from Chronicle-Tribune:

Students at Madison-Grant schools attended class from home on Wednesday as a part of the district’s new eLearning initiative.

The eLearning day was a trial run of an online school program that would be used in case schools had to close due to inclement weather or any other problem. Through the program, students can receive and complete work while at home and then submit their work electronically to their teachers.

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Dec 13th

China’s New Oriental Education Presses Ahead With Online Education

China’s New Oriental Education Presses Ahead With Online Education
News from Forbes:

China’s New Oriental Education& Technology Group is investing heavily in online education, as enrollment of its summer camps and adult tutoring services drops amid China’s ongoing education reform.

In addition to providing more online courses, the group is partnering with Tencent Holdings to develop mobile applications that it hopes can translate into long-term revenue growth. The first product is uDA, which allows users to scan test questions with their smartphones and get answers from the company’s database as well as its network of teachers. The application is currently designed for English tests, but more subjects will be covered in the coming year, New Oriental said in a Dec.8 press release.

The launch of uDA comes as the group’s brick-and-mortar classroom business took a hit from China’s planned overhaul of its university-entrance examination- the notoriously difficult Gaokao tests. The number of New Oriental’s middle and high school students declined by 30% year-over-year in the first quarter of fiscal year 2015 that ended on August.31, as Chinese authorities plan to reduce the English component of future college entrance exams.

Revenue growth is also disappointing. Net revenue grew 1.4% to $ 394 million, while profit decreased by 11.2% year-over-year to $ 112.4 million in the same period. Shares have tumbled 30% to $ 21.04 in New York tr…………… continues on Forbes

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Online education growing at Purdue
News from Purdue Exponent:

Posted: Friday, December 12, 2014 10:00 am | Updated: 10:13 am, Fri Dec 12, 2014.

The amount of online classes available to Purdue students has continued to grow in recent years.

Currently, there are about 135 undergraduate courses that can be taken online each semester, and this number will only increase in the future. In fact, according to statistics from Purdue’s spring 2015 graduating class, about 51% of the graduates have taken at least one online course throughout their time at Purdue.

The most popular online class that is offered at Purdue is MUS 25000. This class is in such high demand that the faculty often has trouble keeping it available. The Distance Learning office does their best to select courses they believe would work well in the online format and then contribute to the design of the classes. As of now there are about 21 total degrees that are entirely online, 15 of which are master’s degrees and six that are graduate certificates.

Some of these classes are almost entirely online, whereas others still conduct the course partially face to face. This type of course is becoming the pre…………… continues on Purdue Exponent

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Dec 12th

Can this company prevent sexual assaults on college campuses?

Can this company prevent sexual assaults on college campuses?
News from Fortune:

When Tammy Wincup first read Rolling Stone’s cover story about a gruesome gang rape at a fraternity at the University of Virginia, it hit close to home. Like thousands of others, Wincup is an alumna of the university. She also was president of her sorority, Chi Omega, when she graduated in 1995. Yet unlike many of her former classmates, Wincup is now devoting a large part of her career to stopping sexual assault on college campuses, including at UVA.

Wincup is the COO of EverFi, a Washington D.C.-based company that teaches students critical skills that may be left off the syllabus of their formal education. The tech company partners with more than 440 higher-education institutions to bring students online courses that address topics like high-risk drinking, financial wellness, and yes, sexual violence. A venture-backed firm with heavyweight backers like Amazon AMZN CEO Jeff Bezos, Twitter

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Online education recognized for affordability, quality programs
News from Missouri State News:

Affordable Colleges Foundation (ACF), a leading resource for online learning and college affordability information, listed Missouri State University as one of 2015’s Best Online Colleges. Schools included offer students affordable, high-quality programs combined with the flexibility of distance learning.

“When it comes to online learning, these schools are the best of the best,” said Dan Schuessler, founder and CEO of Affordable Colleges Foundation. “They appeal to prospective students and working professionals because they provide the same academic excellence in their online programs as their campus courses.”

The number of schools offering fully online degree programs has nearly doubled over the last decade, and online enrollments continue to make up an increasing proportion—nearly 50 percent—of all enrollments in higher education.

To create the list, colleges and universities had to meet specific criteria and were ranked based on a series of variables:

  • Must be not-for-profit institution
  • Must offer at least one fully online bachelor’s degree program
  • Number of online programs available
  • Student-faculty ratio
  • 6-yea…………… continues on Missouri State News

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