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Online hunter education connects in Washington

Online hunter education connects in Washington
News from The Spokesman Review:

Washington’s online hunter education course is on the verge of becoming more popular than the classroom version that’s been a hunting requirement since 1957.

Of the 16,678 people who registered in the state’s hunter ed program last year, 51 percent took the traditional classroom course and 49 percent took the online course that debuted in 2009. 

“Public demand for the online class is increasing every year,” said David Whipple, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Hunter Education Division manager.

Successfully passing a hunter education course is a prerequisite for purchasing a hunting license in all 50 states and most of Canada.

The traditional classes involve a minimum of 10 hours of classroom instruction and often at least 15 hours. Typically, these classes are taught during three-hour evening sessions spread over a week or two and conducted by certified instructors.

Online courses can be done in a progression at home at any time. Participants must complete a “chapter” and requirements and quiz before moving on to the next block.

Both classroom and online students also must attend a field practicum with instructors to demonstrate safe gun handling, decision making and shooting skills.

“I was skeptical about an online course,” said Keith Trowbridge, 52, echoing the sentiments of most state’s 850 volunteer hunter…………… continues on The Spokesman Review

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MIT Launches Initiative That Explores Online Learning
News from University Herald:

Apr 17, 2015 02:13 PM EDT

(Photo : Flickr/CC) The Massachusetts Institute of Technology launched an Online Education Policy Initiative, an offshoot of a recent task force on the institute’s future, on Thursday.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology launched an Online Education Policy Initiative, an offshoot of a recent task force on the institute’s future, on Thursday.

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The initiative, which is funded by a grant from the Carnegie Corporation of New York, studies the impacts of online learning on the higher education community from a policy perspective. Sanjay E. Sarma, director of digital learning, and Karen Willcox, professor of aeronautics and astronautics in the aerospace, will lead the initiative.

The objective of the program is also to engage in the public discourse surrounding online learning and to encourage productive discussion; and to influence policy and policymakers to create a welcoming environment for educational innovation.

“If policymakers and educational leaders can understand and anticipate those impacts, they can create a welcoming e…………… continues on University Herald

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