Mar 22nd

IIM-A facing ‘disruptive’ competition from foreign universities & e-learning …

IIM-A facing ‘disruptive’ competition from foreign universities & e-learning …
News from Financial Express:

Ashish Nanda also pointed out certain areas where IIMA could improve. PTI

SummaryAshish Nanda also lists out areas where IIM-Ahmedabad could improve.

The director of Indian Institute of Management-Ahmedabad (IIM-A), Ashish Nanda said that the country’s premier B-school was facing “new and disruptive” competition from foreign universities, e-learning platforms and offshore educational offerings.

“In addition to intense competition from established Indian management institutions, new and disruptive competition is emerging in the form of Indian operations of foreign universities, e-learning platforms and offshore educational offerings,” Nanda said while addressing the graduating students at the institute’s convocation ceremony on Saturday.

“We welcome vigorous competition. It energises the field of management education and keeps us dynamic. And we wish not only to respond to competition, but also to become a significant global presence, competitive with the best management schools in the world,” he added.

Nanda also pointed out certain areas where IIMA could improve. “We could improve in some areas that drive institutional health. Our research output could be more impactful. One of our traditional sources of strength, development of high quality cases, has become less of a differentiator as other manageme…………… continues on Financial Express
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EACS embraces eLearning plan
News from Fort Wayne Journal Gazette:

– Despite at least one board member’s concern, East Allen County Schools officials approved an eLearning plan Tuesday to help make up for some of the district’s missed instructional time.

School board members also approved a plan to continue adding 30 minutes to each school day through May 8.

EACS students have missed 14 days because of snow and ice but have been in the process of making up for missed time by extending each school day.

Each full week of extended days allows the district to make up three hours, and by May 8, students will have made up 25 hours of instruction, Superintendent Ken Folks said.

The Indiana Department of Education recognizes elementary school days as five hours and a secondary school day as six hours.

With the current plan, elementary school students will make up five days and middle and high school students will make up four days and one hour, Folks explained.

To avoid a situation in which older students would be required to go an extra day, district officials approved an eLearning plan to help middle and high school students make up an additional five hours.

Folks said the district will likely select a Saturday in April for the eLearning day but will meet next week to discuss the exact date.

Students across the district will have access to comput…………… continues on Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

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Jan 7th

Versal Steers Away from the YouTube Model in Online Education

Versal Steers Away from the YouTube Model in Online Education
News from Xconomy:

Ask educators and entrepreneurs today how technology is changing the way students learn, and they’ll point first to MOOCs, or massive online open courses, the new teaching approach being developed by companies like Udacity and Coursera and non-profit ventures like edX.

But how new are MOOCs, really? If you look beyond the delivery mechanism—the Internet—the core content of most online courses is pretty traditional: video recordings of faculty lectures. Which means students in these courses are mainly just sitting back and listening, the same way they would in a lecture hall, except that they’re probably at home in their sweats.

Wasn’t there supposed to be more to computer-mediated learning than watching YouTube? And what about people like Gregor Freund who don’t l…………… continues on Xconomy

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Worlds of education: Libraries in Mississippi elsewhere add Universal Class …
News from Jackson Sun:

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We’re sorry, your sh…………… continues on Jackson Sun

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Sep 27th

FIFA and INTERPOL unveil e-learning tools to protect football from match …

FIFA and INTERPOL unveil e-learning tools to protect football from match …
News from Boxscore:

FIFA and INTERPOL unveil e-learning tools to protect football from match manipulation

FIFA: September 26, 2013 - FIFA and INTERPOL have launched a series of e-learning programmes aimed at educating players, coaches and referees on the dangers of match manipulation to help them avoid becoming victims of this threat to football integrity.
The online programmes, each focusing on a different group often targeted by match-fixers, offer an interactive guide on how to recognise, resist and report attempts at match-fixing and related issues. The programmes are available in five languages (Arabic, English, French, Spanish and German) on both the  FIFA

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Distance Education: A Systems View of Online Learning
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Aug 30th

Students from Yashada visit e-learning school

Students from Yashada visit e-learning school
News from Times of India:

Prasad Kulkarni, TNN Aug 29, 2013, 04.51PM IST

PUNE: A group of administrative staff and students from YashwantraoChavan Academy of Development Administration ( Yashada) visited Pune Municipal Corporation’s (PMC) e-learning school, a statement issued by PMC said.

Built on an area of 70,000 sq ft, the cost of the five-storey building was around Rs 12 crore. The school is equipped with 190 computers.

These students are part of the courses titled ‘advance post graduate diploma in urban management’ and ‘municipal and urban poverty.’ Officials working at various municipal corproations and rural government offices are part of the course. The aim of the visit was to show modern educational concepts introduced in municipal schools to the administrative staff and students.

The elearning English medium school is based in Sahakarn…………… continues on Times of India

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Thomson Reuters Delivers Significant Enhancements to e-Learning Solutions
News from MarketWatch:

(Thomson Reuters ONE via COMTEX) — New learning management system enhances functionality, user experience and ease-of-use; integration of WeComply courses to provide enhanced North American and Corporate content.

NEW YORK, August 28 2013 – Thomson Reuters, the world’s leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals, today announced further steps to deliver enhanced governance, risk and compliance solutions to organizations globally. The delivery of a new Learning Management System (LMS), Accelus Learning Manager and integration of WeComply, a leading provider of compliance e-learning, into its offerings will bring increased scalability, performance, capacity and language support to Thomson Reuters online educational courses.

These enhancements build on a structured 18 months of execution by Thomson Reuters Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) business to continue to provide enhanced e-learning solutions to its customers. Last year the firm acquired UK-based e-learning business, MHA, and Asia-based e-learning business, Knowledge Platform, to build out the content and language capabilities of its eLearning courses. Additionally, its eLearning offerings were expanded to include the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority’s (FINRA) Firm Element CE e-learning courses;…………… continues on MarketWatch

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Jul 26th

Jewish eLearning Fellowship Brings Together Institutions From Across …

Jewish eLearning Fellowship Brings Together Institutions From Across …
News from Algemeiner:

From left to right: Hebrew Union College, the Jewish Theological Seminary, and Yeshiva University, all in New York City. The institutions are all part of the new Jewish eLearning Faculty Fellowship. Photo: Jim Henderson via Wikimedia Commons. – With the rise of numerous open online courses such as Khan Academy, Coursera, and other digital platforms, universities are feeling a greater need to embrace new technology as would-be students seek out more modern, effective ways to learn. To help the Jewish community adapt to the times, the new eLearning Faculty Fellowship aims to cultivate creativity and collaboration regarding the use of educational technology at higher education institutions across the denominational spectrum.

The fellowship, run b…………… continues on Algemeiner

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Jul 25th

Jewish eLearning fellowship brings together institutions from across … –

Jewish eLearning fellowship brings together institutions from across … –
News from Jewish eLearning fellowship brings together institutions from across … –

By Sean Savage/

With the rise of numerous open online courses such as Khan Academy, Coursera, and other digital platforms, universities are feeling a greater need to embrace new technology as would-be students seek out more modern, effective ways to learn. To help the Jewish commun…………… continues on Jewish eLearning fellowship brings together institutions from across … –

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DfE will not ‘dictate’ specifics on e-learning ICT resources, says Gove
News from Computing:

In Computing’s exclusive interview with Michael Gove, the education secretary has stated that while the Department for Education (DfE) is “keen that schools embrace the opportunities” presented by advances in so-called ‘e-learning’ resources, “it is not for me or the government to wade in to dictate how schools and teachers should use them within the curriculum”.

Gove championed resources available from education institutes abroad, such as “MIT’s OpenCourseWare and other exciting projects, like Khan Academy and Open University’s OpenLearn”, which he said “can add significant value to education”.

“I saw first-hand in Singapore, for example, how brilliant lessons can be delivered through a mixture of online and teacher-led instruction,” added Gove.

But the education secretary added that it is also important “for teachers to have the skills to use technology well, and for schools to learn from innovators in this field”.

“That is why the Department for Education is supporting the National Teaching Schools’ new technology group to identify and share good practice,” said Gove.

“These are outstanding schools with a role in supporting the professional development of leaders and teachers elsewhere.”

Computing has spoken with secondary school educators who are personally concerned about the transition from the old ‘ICT’…………… continues on Computing

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Nov 10th

Online Degree Programs: How to Tell the Good From the Bad

Online Degree Programs: How to Tell the Good From the Bad
News from U.S. News & World Report:

Checking accreditation and graduation rates can help students choose a reputable online degree program.

Advances in technology over the past decade have propelled colleges and universities into the realm of online education, creating a crowded market for students considering an online degree.

But not all programs are a safe bet.

[Discover why online education may transform higher ed.]

Online colleges have been criticized for putting profits over students; some have even been the subject of lawsuits claiming misrepresentation or fraud. To avoid scams, students need to be savvy consumers and do their research before signing up for an online degree program, experts say.

These i…………… continues on U.S. News & World Report

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Best New iPad Apps: Pulse, online education, tablet invoicing & finding great …
News from TabTimes:

Pulse brings iPhone and iPad together in iOS app

Pulse continues to strive to match the success to news aggregator rivals Flipboard and Zite, and so updated both its iOS and Android apps to Pulse 3.0 in the week.

The update sees the San Francisco-based firm (officially called Alphonso Labs) now promise a sleeker, more user-friendly UI, an enhanced category sidebar and perhaps most refreshingly a search feature which enables you to pull news from additional sources like Facebook, Google, YouTube, Tumblr or Flickr.

Additional changes see the app (free, iTunes) add infinite scrolling (so you can view stories up to three months old), and the ability to rename pages or reorder sources.

Furthermore, version 3.0 of the iOS app sees it run across both iPhone and iPad (Pulse previously had specific versions for the iPhone and iPad).

Udemy takes 5,000 online education courses to the iPad

Online educational videos have already made their way to the iPad via well-rated apps TED and Khan Academy, and the latest to join that list is two-year-old start-up…………… continues on TabTimes

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Oct 31st

Free Guide to Online Education Available from U.S. News University Directory

Free Guide to Online Education Available from U.S. News University Directory
News from Sacramento Bee:

/PRNewswire/ – An increasing number of college students choose online education – and the flexibility it offers them for scheduling – as the method for earning degrees and certifications.

To better serve those interested in online learning, U.S. News University Directory now offers a Guide to Online Education that is available as a free download on the U.S. News University Directory website.

The need for a Guide to Online Education became clear as technological advances have improved online delivery platforms, making education possible for millions of students around the globe. In addition, more top-tier colleges and universities are offering online courses and degree programs, so students have greater access to high-quality education no matter where they live.

According to a study published by Babson Survey Research Group in 2010, nearly 30% of higher education students take at least one course online. An estimated 6 million students are enrolled in online courses.

However, as online education grows, the choices of programs and schools can be overwhelmin…………… continues on Sacramento Bee

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States Look to Better Regulate Online Universities
News from Government Technology:

Many U.S. states regulate who provides online education to their residents to ensure consumers aren’t getting stiffed — and now a group of states is brainstorming how to make the process of regulating these online universities smoother and more cost-effective.

Under Minnesota law, for instance, colleges that provide online courses must register with the state’s Office of Higher Education and pay a fee if they want to enroll students in the state. Currently 150 to 160 online schools are registered in the state.

This process ensures that the office can investigate student allegations that faculty members aren’t qualified. The office also can look at the schools’ financial structure to see if they’re likely to be around long enough for students to complete a quarter or semester. And it makes sure they’re a real school.

“We know they’re in the state, we know they’re operating in the state, and we have some control so to speak over them if they do something that upsets a student or that is wrong,” said George Roedler, manager of institutional registration and licensing in the Minnesota Office of Higher Education.

This law came up…………… continues on Government Technology

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Oct 22nd

Minnesota backpedals from online education ban

Minnesota backpedals from online education ban
News from Register:

The US state of Minnesota has backed away from a policy that would have banned providers of free web-based higher education from offering courses to its residents.

Last week, El Reg reported that online education startup Coursera was forced to add a clause to its terms of service forbidding Minnesotans from taking its courses, after that state’s Office of Higher Education warned it that Coursera’s activities violated Minnesota’s consumer protection laws.

The only way to continue to offer its courses to Minnesota residents, Coursera was reportedly told, was for each of its 33 university partners to register to offer educational services within the state, at a cost of $ 1,200 per year plus an initia…………… continues on Register

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The UO’s battle to have a place in online education
News from Oregon Daily Emerald:

Far away from Johnson Hall, in a concrete box called McKenzie Hall, on the corner of the fourth floor, in a narrow corridor, is a little computer lab that is about to become a lot more important. Since 1991, Professor Cathleen Leue has been working in this lab, quietly running and developing the University of Oregon’s distance education courses and online testing.

It may not be quiet for much longer. Digital courses have gone from unorthodox to innovative, as Ivy league schools have broken new ground with free education from sources like Coursera and edX. Online education has permeated the UO already through programs like Blackboard. The classroom crunch has reignited interest in developing more online courses to reduce the stress on campus. Online education is hot right now, but the challenges that have haunted the model since it’s beginning have followed it into the 21st century.

“When we started in 1996, I thought we were going to be developing courses for the whole world,” Leue said. ”I think we were under the illusion that we could administer whole courses statewide. It’s a little silly when I look back on it now, I didn’t know then what I do now about the logistics involved.”

The logistics for running online classes in the 1990s were difficult, to put it mildly. Limited Internet access and doubts over the quality of online education ended mos…………… continues on Oregon Daily Emerald

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Oct 21st

Education economics: Investments in e-learning may signal shift from …

Education economics: Investments in e-learning may signal shift from …
News from allvoices:

After some initial resistance, more and more traditional textbook publishers are climbing on the online education bandwagon. Pearson Publishing just plunked down a cool $ 650 million in cash to acquire EmbanetCompass, a provider of strategy and support to post-secondary educational institutions that are developing online instructional programs. This latest move sends a solid signal that the publishing giant is not only embracing online education, but is positioning to become a major player in the world of e-learning.

“Pearson is deepening its bet on the digital future and has to be seen as a leader in that space,” observes a Wells Fargo financial analyst who specializes on education businesses.

Pearson is known as a leader in the world of academic texts, but it has a wide range of interests in the world of publishing, including the Financial Times and the Penguin Press. And this latest move is hardly the publisher’s first foray into the world of e-learning. Last year, Pearson made waves when it announced it has partnered with Google to launch OpenClass, a free, cloud-based learning system. And sh…………… continues on allvoices

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Taggart’s e-learning venture seeks €2m
News from Irish Independent:

Last week’s Dublin Web Summit brought financier Paschal Taggart’s new digital learning venture closer to raising the €2m it needs to expand.

Taggart is chief executive of Mobilearn, a new digital language business selling learning tools for use on smartphones and tablets. The English language e-learning market alone is worth €1bn a year, according to research by Ambient Insight. He owns 38 per cent of the company.

An early-stage start-up, Mobilearn is active in the German and Austrian markets selling English language-learning e-books for €49 each. It wants to enter the Chinese, Indian and Japanese markets, and has received approaches from two education providers in Asia.

“We’re looking for seed and early stage funding initially of €500,000 to get to the next development stage, but our total requirement is €2m, to do what we need to do in the next few years,” said development chief Sean Featherstone.

As an Enterprise Ireland High Potential Start-up, any funding raised by Mobilearn will be matched the development body.

Following the Web Summit, Mobilearn is talking to three investors, including Digital Education, the MacMillan publisher-owned fund, and former Delta executive Shay Garvey’s Frontline Ventures.

- Roisin Burke

…………… continues on Irish Independent
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