Apr 16th

2U report touts success of its online learning partnerships

2U report touts success of its online learning partnerships
News from Education Dive:

Dive Brief:

  • While many are still wary of the quality of online education, 2U’s second annual Impact Report shows how its online partnerships with top universities have been a great success.
  • Among the key findings of the interactive report: 90% of 1,241 faculty member survey respondents say the online format is as good or better at enabling participants to meet learning objectives.
  • The report also busts common myths about online learning, showing that the same top on-campus professors develop and teach the courses ?in 2U’s programs, with a student-teacher ratio around 10 students and high engagement, graduation, and student success following completion, DCInno reports.

Dive Insight:

2U partners with top universities for online master’s programs. It helps students earn MBAs from the University of North Carolina, social work degrees from the University of Southern California, and perhaps eventually, medical science degrees from Yale, though that partnership is pending accreditation approval that could take years. While online education has been stigmatized as inferior, especially when it is offered by for-profit providers, 2…………… continues on Education Dive

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Apr 4th

Schools Test Online Learning for Disabled Students

Schools Test Online Learning for Disabled Students
News from Education World:

New technology is allowing digital lessons to be adjusted to different learning styles, and a growing number of programs are evolving to help students with disabilities take online courses.

“While such options are still not readily available for most students in special education, virtual programs are being seen as a means to fill gaps in special education services in cost-effective ways,” according to an article on EducationWeek.org. “Some schools are offering online speech therapy classes that feature video interactivity, for instance, while others are turning to digital curricula designed specifically for special education students, rather than trying to adapt existing online courses to meet the needs of students with disabilities.”

According to the article, “these developments—which are part of a bigger trend to blend face-to-face and online learning in public schools—are raising questions about the role and effectiveness of online course taking for students with disabilities because there is little evidence that the approach improves student achievement for those students. Some educators also question whether companies touting new online-learning services for special education students truly appreciate the investments they will need to make to meet the needs of those students.”

“This is very time-intensive, and it’s not one-size-fits-all,” sai…………… continues on Education World

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Mar 27th

Online learning could disrupt higher education, but many universities are …

Online learning could disrupt higher education, but many universities are …
News from The Economist:

WHEN MASSIVE OPEN online courses (MOOCs) took off three years ago, there was much concern that they would destroy traditional universities. That isn’t happening. “We’re doing a better job of improving job skills than of transforming the university sector,” says Rick Levin, a former president of Yale, who runs Coursera, the biggest of the MOOCs.

At the margins, technology is making education cheaper, more convenient and more effective. University of the People, a non-profit American-accredited online university, offers degrees to students all over the world at a total cost of $ 4,000; if they are poor, they can get scholarships. It started teaching in 2009, was accredited last year, has produced 65 graduates so far and now has 1,500 students. The faculty is made up of academics who volunteer their services.

The convenience of online study makes it especially suitable for working people. According to Phil Regier, dean of Arizona State University (ASU) Online, the market for online degrees i…………… continues on The Economist

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UGA to offer music education online degree program
News from Bradenton Herald:

— The University of Georgia plans to begin offering a master of music education online degree program.

The university says its Hugh Hodgson School of Music will begin taking applicants immediately for the program that is set to start this summer. It is meant for certified music educators seeking to enhance their practitioner and research skills.

Dale Monson, director of the Hodgson School, says the online program will provide opportunities for those who might otherwise be unable to complete post-graduate studies.

The school says the degree will prepare teachers for professional leadership roles in curriculum design, mentorship and teacher research.



…………… continues on Bradenton Herald
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Jan 17th

Why online learning needs to get serious about apps

Why online learning needs to get serious about apps
News from VentureBeat:

Last month, New Oriental Education, China’s largest provider of private educational services, and Tencent, the leading texting provider in China with nearly 500 million users on its WeChat app, agreed to launch an integrated, chat-centric education service. The question every university should be asking is: What does this mean for online learning?

Just 10 years ago, many of us thought online learning meant earning a degree anytime, anywhere. With smartphones, it’s now possible to learn on the move. The trade-off is efficacy. The holy trinity of online learning — content/lecture, discussion, assessment — doesn’t translate to smartphones. To wit:

  • Navigating content: Navigating curriculum is challenging on a smartphone. Not only because of the small screen, which requires buttons/areas large enough to be selected by thumbs, but also because we use smartphones differently; smartphone users are much more likely than PC users to abandon content that takes more than five seconds to load.
  • Discussion: Discussion boards can work well on smartphones. Ubiquity counts for a lot in discussions. Synchronous video discussions also work, but not for an entire cohort or section (more likely 1:1, as with FaceTime), and also for sessions much s…………… continues on VentureBeat

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Sep 5th

The rush to online education requires a learning curve

The rush to online education requires a learning curve
News from The Tand D.com:

2014-09-05T02:00:00Z The rush to online education requires a learning curve The Times and Democrat

ISSUE: Online vs. traditional teaching

OUR VIEW: Distance learning here to stay, but establishing effectiveness is ongoing process

In an online world, the news is cause for at least a pause.

Looking for ways to ensure that people are getting the education needed for today’s world includes such basics as being certain students remain in the educational system. Beyond that, there is the cost barrier beyond the primary and secondary levels. And there is a necessity for serious consideration for how teaching is to be done, particularly with the delivery of education via the Internet.

Score one for the traditional. Key findings of a new study co-authored by a Clemson University researcher and published in the most recent issue of Black History Bulletin indicate students taking traditional, in-class science courses reported higher perceived learning gains than students enrolled in online distance-education science courses.

Notably, African-American students taking traditional science courses self-reported greater learning gains than students taking on…………… continues on The Tand D.com

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Textbook Companies Are Now Teaching College Classes – Slate Magazine
News from Textbook Companies Are Now Teaching College Classes – Slate Magazine:

A college-age woman works on a laptop.Organic chemistry is still hard, even online.

Photo by Ammentorp Photography/Thinkstock

This summer, Chad Mason signed up for online general psychology at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. This spring, Jonathan Serrano took intro to psychology online at Essex County College in Newark, New Jersey.

Though the two undergraduates were separated by more than 600 miles, enrolled in different institutions, and paying different tuitions, they were taking what amounts to the same course. That’s because the course wasn’t produced by either school. Instead, it was a sophisticated package devised by publishing giant Pearson PLC and delivered through a powerful online platform called MyPsychLab.

Both students worked their way through the same online textbook, watched the same series of videos, and took automati…………… continues on Textbook Companies Are Now Teaching College Classes – Slate Magazine

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May 10th

Abbott Calls for Increased Funding for Online Learning

Abbott Calls for Increased Funding for Online Learning
News from Texas Tribune:

Attorney General Greg Abbott promoting his pre-kindergarten education proposal on April 2, 2014, at the IDEA Carver Academy in San Antonio.

Calling for millions of dollars in increased funding for online learning initiatives, Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott announced the third plank of his education policy plan on Thursday — a propos…………… continues on Texas Tribune

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Milken conference: Technology innovations poised to change education
News from Los Angeles Times:

Innovations in technology are poised to upend how students learn and the way educational institutions impart knowledge to people around the world, according to panelists at the Milken Institute Global Conference.

The Internet and access to computers have already rapidly changed the way teachers interact with students. Now, the sector is attracting attention from entrepreneurs who are rushing to roll out products such as online classrooms and educational games.

Michael Moe, chief investment officer at GSV Asset Management, said the business world is drawn to education because the many troubles in the sector present an opportunity.

“Entrepreneurs flock to problems,” he said. “There is no greater issue than how to educate the populace.”

One area ripe for continued innovation is online teaching, said Chip Paucek, chief executive of 2U, which provides an online education platform for schools.

Paucek predicted the 21st century would be the era of online learning in much the same way that previous centuries were the era for historic universities such as Cambridge, Oxford and the Ivy League colleges.

“We think schools that end the segregation of online students, those schools will win,” he said.

Students who attend virtual classes should be charged the same as those…………… continues on Los Angeles Times

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Higher Education in the Digital Age
Two of the most visible and important trends in higher education today are its exploding costs and the rapid expansion of online l…

Teach Online: Develop Your First Online Course
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Mar 17th

E Learning: A Strong Alternative In Education? – Onislam.net

E Learning: A Strong Alternative In Education? – Onislam.net
News from E Learning: A Strong Alternative In Education? – Onislam.net:

Muslims should take full advantage of online resources for education.

When I first decided to home-educate a few years ago, one of the assurances I had was that the internet was there and readily available. Not only was able to source for lesson plans and craft ideas, print out worksheets and e-books for free, and compare and contrast my rants with the rants of the other bazillion home-educating mothers across the globe, I could safely say that whatever my children felt directed to learn, could and probably would be sourced from the internet.

I’m not saying that the net embodies the pre-dominant form of learning for home-educators but the resources that one can get from logging online is astonishing. Many years later, it doesn’t play such a huge role as I thought it would, but certainly, online education can really be seen as an integral form of learning – and home-educators (even if they didn’t subscribe to online programs for their children) would probably agree.

Generation Net

Societies across the globes are more dependent on the internet than ever before and this includes many young adults. Information passes instantaneously, correspondence is much easier, and in general, learning happens with a…………… continues on E Learning: A Strong Alternative In Education? – Onislam.net

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SmartPros Offers eLearning for Mobile Devices
News from Accounting Today:

CPE provider SmartPros Ltd. has released the eLP-Mobile eLearning platform to enable customers to access continuing education and training courses directly from supported phones and tablets.

Content from SmartPros’ CPA Report and Financial Management Network, dating back to October 2013, is now mobile-enabled through the new system. SmartPros Advantage content is currently mobile-enabled, dating back to January 2014, with additional courses dating back to last October becoming available later this month.

The supported devices include the Apple iPad 3, Air and Mini; the Apple iPhone 4, 5, 5c and 5s; the Google Nexus 7; the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX; as well other tablet devices running Android 4.2 and higher.

The new player does not require any client download. It launches automatically on the mobile device when the user accesses courseware through SmartPros’ eCampus Learning Management System. SmartPros eLP-Mobile can work with both WiFi and cellular technology.

For more information, visit www.smartpros.com.

…………… continues on Accounting Today
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Uzinggo. Online High School Math Lessons for Mac [Download
These online high school Math lessons engage students with game-like graphics and real-world scenarios that are fun to use. The in…


Mar 13th

Online education site Renaissance Learning sells for $1.1B, a month after …

Online education site Renaissance Learning sells for $ 1.1B, a month after …
News from VentureBeat:

Here’s yet another big move for online education.

Renaissance Learning, an online learning analytics and assessment company, announced today that it has sold for $ 1.1 billion to private equity firm Hellman & Friedman, Re/code reports.

The company made headlines last month when Google Capital invested $ 40 million at a valuation of $ 1 billion. While the funding gave Google Capital a small stake in the company, it likely expected a higher return. A Renaissance Learning rep tells Re/code that Google Capital will likely take another minority stake in the company as part of the new deal.

With schools taking advantage of more technology these days — Chromebooks and tablets, in particular — they need solutions like Renaissance Learning to make sense of all the data students generate. It’s not jus…………… continues on VentureBeat

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Online Education: Can it Solve the Employment Problem?
News from Fox Business:

It’s a common lament from students (and often, their parents): I’ve spent so much money on a degree, but I can’t find a job.

The coveted college degree costs big bucks these days, but getting a job after graduation has never been harder, and experts point to a skills gap as a contributor to unemployment. 

According to a 2013 study from online textbook company Chegg, only 39% of hiring managers say the recent college graduates they’ve interviewed in the past two years were completely or very prepared for a job—even in their field of study. Graduates in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) are not faring much better. 

A November study from education firm Apollo Lightspeed says 94% of hiring IT/technology hiring managers turned down candidates in part because of skill deficiencies. In fact, the Math and Science Institute reports that if schools continue to turn out graduates who cannot meet the requirements o…………… continues on Fox Business

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Engaging the Online Learner: Activities and Resources for Creative Instruction
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Distance Education: A Systems View of Online Learning
The most comprehensive and authoritative book on the subject, DISTANCE EDUCATION, Third Edition, emphasizes a systems approach to …

Feb 12th

Maine bill proposes expanded access to online learning

Maine bill proposes expanded access to online learning
News from Press Herald:

Posted: February 11
Updated: Today at 12:04 AM

But an unpopular moratorium on virtual charter schools makes the proposal’s future seem dubious.

By Noel K. Gallagher ngallagher@pressherald.com
Staff Writer

AUGUSTA — After facing opposition to the idea of creating a state-run virtual academy, a state legislator says he is switching gears and now suggests the state have a “digital learning exchange” that would function as an online educational resource warehouse for all Maine students.

Related headlines

  • First two Maine virtual schools get initial approval

“My goal all along with this one was finding a way to expand opportunities for students across the state to digital content,” said Sen. Brian Langley, R-Ellsworth, who sponsored. L.D. 1736. He introduced the ame…………… continues on Press Herald

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Nigerians are ready for online education – Tutor.ng
News from HumanIPO:

Nigeria’s status as the biggest online population in Africa means it is ready for online education, particularly given the success of e-commerce in the country, according to Oluwajoba Oloba, head of projects and partnerships at Nigerian online learning platform Tutor.ng.

HumanIPO reported yesterday Tutor.ng is aiming for 20,000 users by the end of this year.

Oloba said online learning would revolutionise the country’s education sector just as the advent of mobile dramatically changed telecommunications.

“Necessity is said to be mother of all inventions. The conventional education systems aren’t scalable and very convenient so we need a system like ours to learn at the comfort of your homes. With Nigeria boasting of Africa’s biggest internet population with 48.4 million users, according to statistics compiled by US based networking solution firm Mushroom Networks, I think fact speaks for itself,” he said.

“GSM networks revolutionised telecommunications, made phones more affordable, convenient portable and with a lot of value added services. We h…………… continues on HumanIPO

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Feb 4th

Digital Learning Day: Why eLearning Should Be A Part of Your Telesales …

Digital Learning Day: Why eLearning Should Be A Part of Your Telesales …
News from Business 2 Community:

Telesales can be an intense environment, and telesales teams are often on the move, in and out of the office. Asking your team to stay abreast of the latest product changes and to keep current on their training can be a hassle – yet telesales training is essential. Your sales staff needs to stay well-versed in any product and industry changes.

If you struggle with keeping your telesales team trained, consider making eLearning the cornerstone of your training program. Since February 5th is considered the national “Digital Learning Day,” we thought what better time to outline some of the advantages that eLearning offers for telesales teams. First, though, consider the following statistics:

  • Companies that employ eLearning for training purposes generate revenue that is 26% higher per employee
  • eLearning typically…………… continues on Business 2 Community

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Phase3 to Boost ICT Education With E-Learning Initiative
News from AllAfrica.com:

Aerial Fibre Network operator, Phase3 Telecom says it will improve the quality of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) knowledge in the education sector with its eLearning initiative. The e-Learning initiative seeks to provide top notch e-solutions to the education sector, such as e-Health, e-Banking, e-Government, e-Commerce, e-Payment, among others.

The e-Learning solution called 3CEi innovation was launched in 2013 to help build a solid foundation for Nigerian pupils and students in ICT knowledge development at primary, secondary and tertiary levels which is currently at its lowest ebb in the nation’s education sector.

The company believes its initiative can bridge the digital gap as it continues to promote the importance of inculcating impactful new learning system in the country’s education sector.

E-learning in modern times is a system that encompasses both formal and non-formal learning at all levels. Also, it is a learning method that wholly or in part uses information network which includes the internet, an intranet (LAN) or extranet (WAN) for course delivery, interaction, evaluation and facilitation, as characteristic of online or web-based learning which are both subsets of e-learning and refers to learning using an internet mainly a browser such as Chrome or Firefox or Internet Explorer.

The Chief Executive Officer of…………… continues on AllAfrica.com

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