Mar 21st

Educomp Solutions launches new eLearning product; aims 1 million students to …

Educomp Solutions launches new eLearning product; aims 1 million students to …
News from Economic Times:

NEW DELHI: e-Learning firm Educomp Solutions today launched its new product ‘SmartclassOnline’, which will allow students and parents to access course material, s…………… continues on Economic Times

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Plymouth Schools to make up snow days with eLearning on Saturdays
News from WSBT-TV:


What would your child think about having school on Saturday?

Believe it or not, Plymouth students are happy to do it because it means not having to make up snow days at the end of their school year.

Students will be doing online eLearning curriculum on three Saturdays: April 11, April 18 and May 16.

Last year was a test year for Plymouth high schoolers. They had eLearning classes from home for one Saturday.

“It was just like school,” says Angel Ulloa, a junior. “Wake up, do your normal routine, and do your homework.”

It went well, so the corporation decided to do the same thing this year for all grades.

The corporation says this is possible because every single one of their students is given a computer. Grades 2 through 12 have laptops, kindergartners and first graders have iPads.

While they know not everyone is a fan of school on Saturdays, assistant superintendent Andy Hartley says it’s better than the alternative.

“Adding onto the end of the year makes it rough, so the more we can keep things in line with the typical school year calendar, the better,” Hartley explains.

Hartley says homework won’t be due until the following Tuesday. Plymouth High School will be open for those who need Internet access, and teachers will be available to h…………… continues on WSBT-TV

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Jan 14th

Online Education Company Gets $186 Million For A Shopping Spree

Online Education Company Gets $ 186 Million For A Shopping Spree
News from TechCrunch:

Online personal and professional continuing education company has raised $ 186 million at a roughly $ 1 billion valuation to go shopping for education technology companies.

It’s the second mammoth round for Lynda, following a $ 100 million initial investment from Accel Partners, Spectrum Equity and Meritech. The new round was led by TPG, a private equity firm with some $ 65 billion worth of assets under management.

For, the new round is all about a shopping allowance. The company already has letters of intent out with three potential acquisition targets and has several more companies in its sights, according to an interview with the company’s chief executive, Eric Robison.

One investor familiar with the market for online education said that the company may look to bring in programming tutorial companies like Thinkful (which raised a round of funding recently) or Treehouse (which hasn’t). divides its profitable business betwe…………… continues on TechCrunch

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Bringing Programming Education Online, Thinkful Raises $ 4.25 Million
News from TechCrunch:

Thinkful, the online continuing education services company for programmers and developers, has raised $ 4.25 million in a new round of funding as it looks to expand its portfolio of education offerings.

“We’ve found a away to get a lot of professional engineers excited about helping people learn,” says Darrell Silver, who, along with Thiel Fellowship recipient Dan Friedman, founded the company in October 2012.

Connecting professional programmers and developers with students online, Thinkful operates like a lighter weight and cheaper version of the developer bootcamps and professional education companies that had cr…………… continues on TechCrunch

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Aug 14th

Desire2Learn Raises $85 Million to Bring ELearning Solutions to the Wrold

Desire2Learn Raises $ 85 Million to Bring ELearning Solutions to the Wrold
News from Bidness Etc:

Desire2Learn, the Canadian-based provider of eLearning solutions for educational institutions and various enterprises, has announced an $ 85 million Series B round of funding.

Investors that participated in the latest round include Graham Holdings, Aurion Capital, Four Rivers Group, Columbus Nova Technology Partners, and returning investor New Enterprise Associates.

The company, which was established in 1999, had previously raised $ 80 million in late…………… continues on Bidness Etc

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eLearning Champion: Byron Hutchins
News from University of Cincinnati:

eLearning Champion: Byron Hutchins

Student Byron Hutchins shows his passion for technology in his work, school and extracurriculars.

Date: 8/12/2014
By: Tara Spacy
Phone: (513) 558-7584

Byron Hutchins proves that not all history students are stuck in the past with his focus and passion for science and technology. As a rising fifth-year student in the McMicken College of Arts and Sciences, Hutchins also works as a researcher in the Office of Entrepreneurial Affairs and Technology Commercialization.

“eLearning increases our ability to reconnect with a diverse audience, thus amplifying the learning experience,” Hutchins said. “Its potential is only limited by our own imaginations and determination.”

Hutchins actively finds innovative uses for technology in the many projects he is involved in, including creating a coalition between the departments of computer science and history, and creating a historical social network and interactive mapping for Civil War gun powder manufacturing.

“We use 3-D printing to prototype robotic models and print replacement parts,” Hutchins s…………… continues on University of Cincinnati

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LearnSmart Online Access for Elementary Statistics: A Step-By-Step Approach [Instant Access
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Aug 13th

MIT Team Turns 6.9 Million Clicks Into Insights To Improve Online Education

MIT Team Turns 6.9 Million Clicks Into Insights To Improve Online Education
News from Forbes:

MIT Team Turns 6.9 Million Clicks Into Insights To Improve Online Education – Forbes continues on Forbes

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Online education push continues at CSUs
News from Sacramento Bee:

One year has passed since Julie Spitzer, professor of mathematics education at San Jose State University, taught her last online course to thousands of students across the country through a partnership between SJSU and Udacity.

The SJSU Plus pilot program, launched to great fanfare in the spring 2013 term, was put on hiatus and then scrapped altogether after pass rates for spring and summer courses lagged behind rates for face-to-face equivalents.

Though Spitzer said she would gladly teach another such class, known as a Massive Open Online Course, (MOOC), and still uses some of the course materials she developed with Udacity, the end of the pilot quieted voices that had been hailing affordable, massive-scale online courses as a solution to crowding woes and low graduation rates in the California State University system.

Administrators and state officials, however, say innovation in online education remains a priority for the country’s largest university system.

“Udacity was an experiment in a longer and much broader initiative of the CSU engaging in online materials for our students,” said Gerard Hanley, assistant vice chancellor for academic technology services.

What innovation will look like, who will control it and how much it will alter online teaching (which has been a part of CSU offerings for 20 years) remain…………… continues on Sacramento Bee

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Jun 28th

digiSchool raises €3 million to revolutionize eLearning

digiSchool raises €3 million to revolutionize eLearning
News from The Rude Baguette:

Born in 2011 out of the merger of Anthony Kuntz’s Kreactive and Thierry Debarnot’s Media Etudiant, e-learning startup digiSchool announced this week that they raised €3 million with Turenne Capital and Alto Invest. This new round of funding will enable them to reinforce their position in France via both organic and acquisition fueled growth. As mobile devices become a key part of the learning experience, Kuntz and Debarnot hope the new funding as well as their solid success in France thus far will enable them to fully capitalize on this trend and head-off global competitors.

digiSchool offers various learning tools for each educational stage from primary school through to postbaccalaureate, with the majority of their users in the 15-25 year old range. They were one of the first e-learning outfits to anticipate the eventual dominance of mobile in the learning space amongst younger generations, and seamlessly made the transition to mobile earlier on. With solid finances (€3.3 million in revenues and already profitable), 3.3 million members and the top educat…………… continues on The Rude Baguette

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Custom e-learning courses ‘deliver flexibility’
News from Virtual College:

Companies are increasingly looking at addressing their education and training requirements by taking advantage of the possibilities offered by online learning courses.

A particularly popular means of delivering this is through custom e-learning course developments.

This involves the creation and conversion of existing instructor-led course content into an electronic format.

Some of the benefits of this option include significant cost reductions on delivering professional training, as teams of trainers and administrators will not have to be employed in order to teach current members of staff.

Instead, the older training processes are replaced with a newer alternative that is much more progressive and modern – and it could be argued that e-learning has become the key to broader business development.

As the resources are digitally-based, they can be updated at any time so as to ensure they are up to date with the demands of staff, as well as wider changes in knowledge and generational trends.

Needless to say, this is a highly flexible solution that is able to cater for the needs of businesses that require large-scale training resources.

This has significant implications for firms that deliver repetitive training interventions s…………… continues on Virtual College

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Rethinking Education in the Age of Technology: The Digital Revolution and Schooling in America (Technology, Education–Connections (Tec)) (Technology, Education-Connections, the Tec Series)
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Jun 14th

iPad-based e-learning platform TabTor raises $1 million in funding

iPad-based e-learning platform TabTor raises $ 1 million in funding
News from Tech2:

TabTor, an educational technology platform for tablet computers, has raised $ 1 million in seed round funding. PrazAs, the company behind the platform, plans to use the raised amount for product development as well as expansion into the consumer space.

What kind of education does TabTor deal with? The platform is an interactive iPad-based programme that offers individualised math-based lessons by using digital worksheets and video tutorials. A big asset that TabTor brings to the table for users is providing access to real life math tutors who look over the user’s work and give weekly feedback to parents about the progress being made.

In terms of content, the TabTor system works on the Common Core system that all the schools in the USA adhere to as well the Singapore Math program, which is also a well respected math program.

TabTor, an e-learning tablet based platform, raises $ 1 million in funding (image credit: TabTor)


The funding was sourced from…………… continues on Tech2

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Jan 25th

eLearning Revenues in Africa Will Double to $512.7 Million by 2016

eLearning Revenues in Africa Will Double to $ 512.7 Million by 2016
News from The Herald |

Africa is the Most Dynamic eLearning Market on the Planet According to a New Ambient Insight Report

— /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Self-paced eLearning revenues in Africa reached $ 250.9 million in 2011 and will more than double to $ 512.7 million by 2016, according to a new Ambient Insight report called, “The Africa Market for Self-paced eLearning Products and Services: 2011-2016 Forecast and Analysis.”

Forecasts for sixteen countries are included in this regional report: Algeria, Angola, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. Senegal has the highest growth rate in Africa at 30.4%, followed by Zambia and Zimbabwe at 27.9% and 25.1%, respectively.

“In all the years I have been doing learning technology  research, I have never seen a regional market grow so fast. The dynamics in Africa are amazing. The major finding in this report is that the supply and demand metrics for eLearning in Africa are evolving so fast that the market bears little resemblance to the competitive landscape as recently as two years ago,” reports Sam S. Adkins, Chief Research Officer. “Essentially, any commercial market research on the adoption of eLearning in Africa that is older than two years is effectively obsolete.”

The f…………… continues on The Herald |

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Most global firms to use gamification in e-learning by 2014
News from Virtual College:

Nearly three-quarters (70 per cent) of large global companies will have at least one gamification application in place on their learning management system by 2014.

This is according to new research conducted by Gartner, which stated the purposes of these platforms will range from grasping a particular skill to improving employees’ health, Marketing Week reports.

While gamification – the integration of game dynamics in to a training campaign to make it more engaging – is becoming an increasingly popular way of drawing in brand ambassadors, it is also being used to help staff build personal brands.

It has been suggested by academics at Harvard University that while fun is important to the learning process, game dynamics in training must feature an element of competition.

As one researcher from the institution told the news provider, the competitive nature of learning sessions are likely to increase the chance of workers participating in them.

He added: “With the gamification approach to learning, it’s human nature to want to complete something when it draws you in, makes you think, gives you decision-making authority and tests your comprehension.”

Ethan McCarty, senior manager of digital and social strategy at IBM, agreed it is critical to introd…………… continues on Virtual College

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Oct 27th

Online Education Startup Udacity Raises $15 Million in Funding

Online Education Startup Udacity Raises $ 15 Million in Funding
News from City Town Info Education Channel:

One of many online education startups to procure venture capital this year, Udacity just raised $ 15 million. This takes the amount of outside funding it has obtained to date to $ 21.1 million, TechCrunch reported. The recent financing round, led by the venture capital company, Andreessen Horowitz, included previous investors Charles River Ventures and Steve Blank, who teaches at Stanford University.

The Palo Alto, Calif.-based online university said it plans to use the new cash infusion to enhance its technology platform, aiming to incorporate mobile applications and learning techniques that can be modified on an individual basis. The company also intends to offer additional classes and collaborate with businesses in related industries. Currently, Udacity offers free online college courses in science, math, programming, computer science and entrepreneurship training.

Stanford professor Sebastian Thrun co-founded Udacity in 2011,

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Water, education identified as Lubbock residents’ top concerns
News from

Water and education are Lubbock’s most important issues according to votes cast by residents who participated in the Chamber of Commerce’s vision summit Oct. 18.

Of the 754 people who cast votes at the summit, 55 percent felt water is the most important issue in the partnerships category, and 56 percent voted that education is the biggest issue in the people category.

The local water supply was identified by 62 percent of the voters as the No. 1 challenge facing Lubbock 20 years from now.

“The one thing I know people are really concerned about is water,” participant Debbie Ruiz said during the summit. “With the lack of rain and the heat, it is always going to be an issue. I think people would rather over-plan than underplan. If it ever becomes an issue, it will be too late to do anything about it.”

Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Eddie McBride said the city has worked hard to secure the city’s future water supply.

“Our city has done a great job at trying to secure a 100-year water supply for Lubbock,” McBride said. “But no matter how much we plan for water in the future, it is fair for our residents to identify the issue as a concern, and make sure we continue to plan.”

Summit data indicates other key issues participants identified are: downtown, at 39 percent in the place category; attractions and events, at 40 percent i…………… continues on

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Oct 26th

Udacity Raises $15 Million as Money Pours into Online Education

Udacity Raises $ 15 Million as Money Pours into Online Education
News from Bloomberg:

Courtesy of Udacity

More than 753,000 students worldwide have signed up for Udacity since January.

Udacity, the digital university co-founded by artificial intelligence and robotics pioneer Sebastian Thrun, has raised $ 15 million, joining a crop of online education startups to attract venture capital this year.

The financing was led by Andreessen Horowitz and included existing investors Charles River Ventures and Steve Blank, the startup guru who teaches at Stanford University. Udacity, based in Palo Alto, California, has raised $ 21.1 million in the past year.

Thrun, who invented Google’s self-driving car and is a professor at Stanford, started Udacity last year to offer free courses in computer science, math and sciences. More than 753,000 students worldwide have signed up…………… continues on Bloomberg

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The Long and Controversial History of For-Profit Colleges
News from Bloomberg:

Advertisements touting for-profit universities are everywhere. Schools such as Apollo Group Inc. (APOL)’s University of Phoenix peddle instruction in person and online, promising that students can earn their degrees on their own time, in their own homes — even in their pajamas.

The growth of such institutions has sparked controversy, partly because of their reliance on federal financial aid and the high default rates of their students.

A recent congressional report found “exorbitant tuition, aggressive student recruiting and abysmal student outcomes,” all subsidized by taxpayers. Current regulations allow for-profits to collect as much as 90 percent of their revenue from federal financial aid, and many come close. In 2009-2010, the University of Phoenix

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Oct 10th

Social Learning Management System, TOPYX, Surpasses 10 Million Users

Social Learning Management System, TOPYX, Surpasses 10 Million Users
News from San Francisco Chronicle:

Interactyx Limited is excited to announce an important milestone. Clients of social learning management system (LMS) software, TOPYX®, have over 10 million learners who can access learning materials and collaboration tools on TOPYX every day throughout the world.

Bonita Springs, FL (PRWEB) October 09, 2012

Launched in 2009, TOPYX is an award-winning social LMS, software-as-a-service (SaaS) eLearning platform which engages learners and provides collaborative learning environments for businesses, associations and eCommerce needs for any size organization.

Built with providing the learner with a more engaged eLearning experience as its primary goal, TOPYX incorporates social learning with a feature rich learning management system functionality. TOPYX’s pop…………… continues on San Francisco Chronicle

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Onieal on Technology, Curriculum Changes at National Fire Academy
News from Fire Chief:


(Appeared in print as “Top Honors”)

The National Fire Academy is facing another budget cut for 2013. While that’s bad news, there still is good news coming from the academy.

NFA Superintendent Denis Onieal discusses with FIRE CHIEF the state of the academy, including changes to its outreach programs, its ability to support to fire departments, and the effect of budget cuts.

What’s new at the NFA?

We’re in the process of developing 25 new courses in all curriculum areas, and 11 of th…………… continues on Fire Chief

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