Aug 22nd

More Nevada students choose an online education

More Nevada students choose an online education
News from KLAS-TV:

By Patranya Bhoolsuwan |, Mark Mutchler

Published 08/20 2015 04:03PM

Updated 08/20 2015 06:02PM

More Nevada parents are going the non-traditional route when it comes to the education of their children.

Online classes are becoming more popular and virtual schools are expanding their programs to meet the needs of students.

One online school that has seen significant growth in recent years is the Nevada Connections Academy.

The school has been around since 2008 and has continually added programs.

The love of learning has always come easy for 15-year-old Devon Kisfalvi. For him, the challenge was staying focused in a traditional classroom.

“Before in regular schools, I didn’t feel happy like some kids are, I didn’t feel motivated,” he said.

That all changed six years ago when his mother Diana enrolled him in the Nevada Connections Academy, an online charter school where students get to learn from home, at their own pace.

“They don’t put a child in a box or classroom setting where everyon…………… continues on KLAS-TV

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Online K-12 Education Dissected
News from Education World:

K-12 technology in the classroom is one thing, but what about classes that are designed to facilitate lessons from home or help students learn anywhere they can get a Wi-Fi connection? K-12 online classes might raise plenty of questions from parents and educators, but one reporter is setting out to debunk the myths that often go along with such institutions.

“At our school, Oregon Connections Academy, the state’s largest tuition-free virtual public charter school for students in grades K-12, we receive inquiries from hundreds of families considering switching their students to online school,” according to Allison Galvin of the Statesman Journal.

Galvin does preface her dissection of K-12 online by saying that it’s not for every student. If there is anything educators and administrators have learned over the years, it is that not all students learn the same way. She also insists that these schools still use resources from public schools, including state-certified teachers.

She takes on five myths: “online school is the same as homeschooling, students spend all of their time in front of a computer, vir…………… continues on Education World

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Feb 4th

eLearning Innovation, Advanced E-learning Solutions Join Hands To Offer More …

eLearning Innovation, Advanced E-learning Solutions Join Hands To Offer More …
News from iSchoolGuide:

eLearning Innovation has recently acquired the Advanced E-learning Solutions (aelearn) in its goal to provide better and more comprehensive offerings.

(Photo : Taller de Imagen (TDI) | Cover) e learning

eLearning Innovation has recently acquired the Advanced E-learning Solutions (aelearn) in its goal to provide better and more comprehensive offerings.

According to eLearning, the acquisition helps them extend EI’s instructional design services to offer clients custom elearning tool development. In addition, EI can now extend the elearning systems integration, LMS hosting, remote administration, and helpdesk support.

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Laurie Pulido, President of eLearning Innovation proudly said that with the partnership with aelearn which began since 2001, they will be able to provide clients with two importance key benefits.

“One, we can bundle services to better serve their needs and budgets and two, by having more technical depth on our bench, we can help our clients increase learner engagement and enhance the overall learner experience,” Pulido said in a continues on iSchoolGuide

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Schools use cold day to try out ‘e-learning’
News from WTHR:


Many school districts canceled classes Wednesday so students wouldn’t have to stand at bus stops in the extreme cold, but several districts decided not to call a snow day – they had e-learning days instead.

Students got lessons and did their course work on their computers at home instead of going to school – 30 minutes online for each course.

“I was a little stressed,” said Jacquie Chitty, a senior at Frontier Junior Senior High School in Chalmers. “I didn’t think the teachers were going to give us that much on the second day back from school.”

Last year, Jacquie’s district had to make up more than 10 snow days by extending time in school. This year, each student rented a slim laptop to do the work from home, and principal Jeff Hettinger said “attendance” is required.

“There is an attendance requirement, and we will check to see that they do their work so they understand that if we don’t reach a certain plateau in terms of attendance and participation in the e-learning day, then we will probably have to go back to just makeup days,” Hettinger explained.

Each school has two staffers on-site to take questions. Wednesday was the district’s first e-learning day, so there were several.

“The Chromebooks themselves seem to be working just fine,” according to David Hoov…………… continues on WTHR

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Oct 20th

Online Education Shows More Promise Among Students

Online Education Shows More Promise Among Students
News from The New Indian Express:

CHENNAI: Fantasy and science fiction, forensic accounting and jazz improvisation — the variety in online education is mind-boggling and, more importantly, gives Indians a chance from their middle class apartments in Chennai, with a good Internet connection, to be exposed to western methods of learning liberal arts, culture and music, as well as engineering, science and management.

The reversal of the concept of ‘school’, with the ‘class’ coming home, is still to pick up in India, but there is an audience that is fast reaping the benefits of online education. Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) is a fast spreading buzzword and ‘Coursera’, the popular online education platform began only in 2012, but it already has over nine million users and over 800 courses in association with 114 universities.

“Coursera appealed to me because the lectures by experts were free and accessible. I could do out-of-the-box courses like ‘How to Change the World’ and ‘Introduction to Banking and Finance’,” said Anirudh Kumar, an engineering student. “And the best part was that the lectures could be saved, so I could go back to them any time.”

While some students follow an interest, for instance, learning a subject like Greek Mythology that is rare to find in India, there are also many who do certified courses to help them in their career. Sheela Sharma who has a re…………… continues on The New Indian Express

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Dissing Online Education
News from Oregon Catalyst:

by Cascade Policy Institute Monday, October 20. 2014

By Steve Buckstein

One can imagine that blacksmiths and buggy whip makers didn’t take kindly to the automobile revolution that started in the late 19th century. Those at risk of losing their horse-related jobs likely made the case for resisting the new, glitchy, and dangerous metal machines. We all know how that rivalry turned out.

Today, another revolution is beginning. Just as thousands of years of horse travel were largely replaced within a few decades, one wonders what the future of physical classroom education might be in the face of the online education revolution.

A Portland State University professor of educational leadership recently authored an op-ed making the case that “effective teaching practices such as class discussion, relational learning and other activities of the traditional classroom are hard to offer on a computer screen.” That might be true; face-to-face educational interactions may never go away, but soon they could be greatly supplemented or even overshadowed by…………… continues on Oregon Catalyst

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Sep 3rd

Some Texas students pay more for online courses

Some Texas students pay more for online courses
News from Valley morning Star:

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Some online higher education courses are costing Texans more money than brick-and-mortar classes.

At the University of Texas at Arlington, students are charged an extra fee of $ 75 to $ 90 per online class to “defray the cost of course development and implementation,” said Pete Smith, the college’s vice provost for digital teaching and learning.

The Dallas Morning News ( ) analyzed 18 universities and found that only the University of North Texas in Denton and the University of Texas at Austin had lower costs for online classes. State leaders have hailed online education as one fix for ballooning college prices, but tuition for those classes can be more than 20 percent higher.

In 2011, Texas Gov. Rick Perry challenged state public universities to establish bachelor’s degrees that would cost $ 10,000 or less. Some state lawmakers and public policy groups say online courses could be the answer to reducing tuition rates by opening a way for universities to save on facility and faculty costs.

But many of the online courses include extra fees or additional costs per credit hour. University of…………… continues on Valley morning Star

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Sustainable Development Goes Massively Online As EdCast Launches With …
News from TechCrunch:

In the spring of 2015 thousands of students from universities around the world will participate in online negotiations under the tutelage of Jeffrey Sachs to draft a comprehensive treaty on climate change, ahead of the Conference of Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change scheduled for December 2015 in Paris.

The curriculum and its massive dissemination is the first test for a new online education startup, EdCast, launched by serial entrepreneur and Menlo Ventures venture partner, Karl Mehta.

“This approach of online education is the future of the area I’m dealing with, which is global sustainable development,” says Sachs. “We need a mass scale-up in understanding of these issues to confront big challenges like climate change.”

To achieve that scale-up, Sachs is leveraging his position as director of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Solutions Network, an organization comprised of hundreds of universities and think tanks created by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. Through EdCast Sachs will distribute a curriculum he’s designing includ…………… continues on TechCrunch

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Aug 14th

More Georgia Students Sign Up For Online Public Education

More Georgia Students Sign Up For Online Public Education
News from WSAV-TV:

CHATHAM COUNTY, GA – More than 1.7 million Georgia students are in public school but not all of them are sitting in a classroom. A growing number of students are turning to online public education including here in Chatham County.

More than 17,000 Georgia students will sit in front of their computers instead of in class this year. This is not the same as being home schooled, these online programs fall under public education.

A Chatham County family tells News 3 that the flexibility and not having to worry about bullies made them sign up.

8th grade Georgia Connections Academy student Trey Humphries said he doesn’t miss being in a classroom.

“I do two subjects or sometimes three for the first couple of hours then I rest and I do my last subjects then I’m done,” said Trey Humphries.

The 14-year-old said the teachers are always a click away.

“If you need help you can email them, call them, or they’ll call you,” said Trey Humphries.

Adrian Humphries said her son attended public school in Chatham County last year but it wasn’t the right fit.

“Too many kids in the classroom, there…………… continues on WSAV-TV

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LearnSmart Online Access for Elementary Statistics: A Step-By-Step Approach [Instant Access
Elementary Statistics: A Step-by-Step Approach is for introductory statistics courses with a basic algebra prerequisite. The book…


Apr 28th

Make Your eLearning Content More Accessible, Understood, and Remembered

Make Your eLearning Content More Accessible, Understood, and Remembered
News from Business 2 Community:

Popular Today in Business: All Popular Articles

There’s recently been a lot of interest in captioning online video content. With over 48 million Americans having some degree of hearing impairment, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has issued rules requiring more video to include captions.

Many online education sites have taken note. In addition to staying one step ahead of the regulatory curve, these sites have realized that adding captions to video aids in the learning process. That’s why closed captions will make your content more easily accessible, understood, and remembered.

What are closed captions?

Captions are intended for deaf or heard-of-hearing viewers. They communicate the video’s spoken content and “atmospherics,” which are music and sound effects that help tell the story. Captions can be ‘open’ or ‘closed.’ Open captions are burned in to a video and so are always displayed to a viewer. Closed captions exist as a separate track from the video, enabling a viewer to turn their display on or off. Closed captions are much more popular than open captions, since a viewer can decide whether they are helpful or merely a distraction.

Captions are different from ‘subtitles’……………. continues on Business 2 Community

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Feb 10th

Click Here for Degree: Is Online Education More Economical?

Click Here for Degree: Is Online Education More Economical?
News from MainStreet:

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — More than 6 million students now are simply opening up their laptop — instead of trudging through Old Main — to learn career skills and complete degrees. But is an online chat really the same amount as a visit to your professor during office hours?

“First, it’s important that we dispel the myth that online degrees are so vastly different from on-campus degrees,” said Jay Titus, director of academic services for EdAssist, a provider of tuition assistance management services. “The truth is that ‘online’ is simply the modality – or the way the education is delivered. Beyond that you are often getting the same curriculum and in many cases even the same professors as those taking the course in the classroom.”

Even the educational ranking bible U.S. News & World Report now ranks online programs. Just last month, the publication came out with its third annual rankings of programs — with Central Michigan University and SUNY College of Technology – Delhi tying for number one undergraduate program.

Editor Brian Kelly said the magazine has chosen to rank online programs, because “online education is becoming an essential part of the higher education landscape.” He added, “Students and employers ar…………… continues on MainStreet

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Virtual learning: Students opting for online classes from colleges
News from Lancaster Newspapers:

You’ve probably seen, and perhaps been irritated by, the commercials for the for-profit colleges offering you the opportunity to pursue a college education from the comfort of your home.

Those for-profit colleges may charge a premium for the convenience of learning in your pajamas. But when it comes to virtual learning, they’re not your only option.

Local colleges, too, offer an array of online courses and even degree programs.

And HACC also offers free, not-for-credit classes through iTunes U —Apple’s answer to MOOCs: massive open online courses. (See sidebar.)

Among colleges with campuses in Lancaster County, only Franklin & Marshall College offers no online courses at all.

Tahra Drager, 25, of Landisville, took more than a third of her classes online when she was a student at HACC.

She graduated from the community college last May with an associate degree in business studies. She’s now studying business management at Central Penn College, while getting her events-planning business — Tahra’s Tiaras LLC — off the ground.

Virtual learning allowed her to work from home at her own speed. “Yeah, there were deadlines for discussion boards and homework assignments, but it was at more of a kind of leisurely pace that worked for someone like me, who works dur…………… continues on Lancaster Newspapers

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Jan 29th

Online Education Is Trying Very Hard To Make Itself More Respectable

Online Education Is Trying Very Hard To Make Itself More Respectable
News from ReadWrite:

Degree-like certificates and paid course tiers are designed to retain students and enhance the prestige of online study.

Read Next ?

This post is part of Hire Education, an occasional series about technological innovation in education and how it’s reshaping the way students prepare themselves for a transformed workforce.

I’m currently enrolled in a free online Coursera class on terrorism through a university located in the Netherlands, in which I watch lectures and complete assignments from the comfort of my couch. As much as I enjoy the subject matter, though, completing the course in a timely fashion while maintaining a work-life balance has proven challenging.

I almost gave it up. 

Instead of quitting altogether, I paid Coursera $ 49 to give me a “completion certificate” so I’ll have a reward when I…………… continues on ReadWrite

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New report chronicles growth of online learning in higher education
News from The Daily News Journal:

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Nov 24th

Online education startup Coursera nabs $20M more and lures two key Netflix vets

Online education startup Coursera nabs $ 20M more and lures two key Netflix vets
News from VentureBeat:

Coursera founders Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller

Dec. 4 – 5, 2013
Redwood City, CA

Tickets on Sale Now

Online education startup Coursera just raised an additional $ 20 million in funding, bringing its mammoth series B round to $ 63 million.

Coursera was founded by Stanford University professors Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng. It has succeeded in becoming one of the most well known of the massive open online cour…………… continues on VentureBeat

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A founder of online education changes course
News from Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

St. Louis — Sebastian Thrun, godfather of the massive open online course, has quietly spread a plastic tarp on the floor, nudged his most famous educational invention into the center, and is about to pull the trigger. Thrun – former Stanford superprofessor, Silicon Valley demigod, and now CEO of online-course purveyor Udacity – just admitted to Fast Company’s openly smitten Max Chafkin that his company’s courses are often a “lousy product.”

This is quite a “pivot” from the Sebastian Thrun, who less than two years ago crowed to Wired that the unstemmable tide of free online education would leave a mere 10 purveyors of higher learning in its wake, one of which would be Udacity. However, on the heels of the embarrassing failure of a loudly hyped partnership with San Jose State University, the “lousiness” of the product seems to have become apparent. The failures of massive online education come as no shock to those of us who actually educate students by being in the same room with them – and, accordingly, Chafkin’s unabashed display of sycophantic longing has blazed up the academic Internet.

But what is the big deal about Thrun’s pivot, and why are academics and higher-ed writers alternately wary and gleeful about it? On the surface, Thrun appears duly chagrinned that his brainchild has failed the tired, poor and huddled masses yearning to l…………… continues on Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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Oct 16th

More e-learning, but low interest

More e-learning, but low interest
News from Minnesota Daily:

Students and faculty are divided about the value of e-learning, despite the University of Minnesota’s goal to expand learning opportunities by creating more fully and partially online courses.

While online course enrollment has steadily increased in recent years, only about 13 percent of students and about 7 percent of faculty members said they prefer online classes to traditional ones, according to a 2012 survey from the University’s Office of Information Technology.

Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost Karen Hanson said the University is expanding its online course offerings because they benefit students by adapting to different learning styles and allowing more scheduling flexibility.

“If we develop more robust learning, we can improve student understanding,” she said. “They can go back over something a professor has already gone over.”

Students said they dislike online courses because it’s difficult to learn the material when they can’t interact with their professor face-to-face.

“I dropped one this year because it was confusing,” bachelor of individualized studies senior Rachel Herme said. “Our teacher didn’t tell us what was expected.”

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K-12 continues to Dominate the US E-learning Market: Ken Research
News from WhaTech:

The increasing adoption of e-learning in schools and rise of blended learning and virtual classrooms has facilitated the growth of e-learning in K-12 in the country.

The US E-learning market has considerably evolved and is currently witnessing emergence of various new technologies. The technological innovations in e-learning have restructured the education and corporate sector in the US. Recession tainted the learning landscape both in the education and corporate sector. The financial crisis compelled the corporates as well as the schools to integrate their classroom or instructor led traini…………… continues on WhaTech

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How to Teach Online Without Selling Your Soul: Build Your Own e-Learning Business, Create Unique Content And Work From Anywhere
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